5,000 Miles in 11 days

In 11 days I will be moving approximately 5,000 miles south-east of my childhood home to Mendoza, Argentina for the next 5 months. I’ve been working to achieve my goal of studying abroad for so long and now that it’s finally here it’s hard to know what to feel. Excitement, certainly, that’s clear. I’m about to go on a great adventure, which I’m sure, as one of my sorority sisters, Andrea, put it, “will have high highs and low lows.” I hope for more highs than lows, but I’m a realist, I know that not every day of a 5 month trip will be a basket of kittens, some days are going to feel like I’m being assimilated by the Borg or chased by a nazgul. Other days, I believe, will feel very much like a basket of kittens. I also feel slightly nervous, which is an odd, paradoxical thing to feel when you’ve wanted something so badly, for so long. It makes sense to be nervous, I’m moving away from everything I’ve ever known to a country where I’ve never been, that speaks a language I’m only ok at, to a city that is bigger than anywhere I’ve ever lived before. Nerves are natural. However I think, as I usually do before anxiety inducing occasions, that I will just continue to ignore my feelings of apprehension. After all, I’m getting ready to go on an adventure, who has time for nerves?

Yesterday I found out who my host family is! In Mendoza I will be living with my host mom, who is a teacher, and my 6 year old host brother. Along with their names and basic information, IFSA Butler also sent me a picture of them! This may sound silly, but just seeing them laughing and happy, made me feel better about moving to another country. I’m hopeful that we will get along well. I e-mailed my host mom, but no response yet. I’ll let you know if she does respond.

Things I have to before I leave:

  • Pack (I should start that. I have a list, but I should really get going on that)
  • Take a Typhoid Vaccine (over the course of 8 days)
  • Get a Hep A Vaccine (I’ve already had 2 other shots for this trip. I really hate shots)
  • Watch the remainder of Downton Abbey, Season 5 (Yes it is important, I want to know who Lady Mary falls for)
  • Make copies of all my documents
  • Print off more documents
  • Check in for my flights
  • Prep for a 15 hour flight (physically and mentally)
  • Clean my room (so it isn’t a mess for 5 months)
  • Other things I’m forgetting

This is where I’m at right now. Maybe my next post will include pictures. Until then, I’ll be a busy little bee, rest assured!


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