El Gran Viaje

I’m finally leaving for Argentina today. I have a 13 (or so) hour flight, with one layover, to Buenos Aires. In BA we will participate in some orientation activities and do some sight seeing for three days. Then we fly to Mendoza, where we finally get to meet our host families. I’m very ready to begin my adventure. Oddly enough I’m less nervous about moving to a foreign country 5,000 miles away from my house for the next 5 months than I was to go to college 39 miles from my house when I could come home every weekend, if I wanted to.

My host mother e-mailed me back and then we talked, briefly, on What’sApp. She sounds very nice and was extremely welcoming! They have had host students before, so they are experienced, and they have WiFi in their apartment! So I can still easily be connected with family, friends, and the internet, to which I am hopelessly addicted.

I have been packed for almost a week, though I’ve repacked my things a few times. Anyone who knows me is, in no way, surprised that I’ve been packed for days before my trip begins.

My packed luggage for Study Abroad.

My packed luggage for Study Abroad.

I have managed to fit all of the things I will be taking with me into a 65L duffel bag, a 50L backpacking backpack, my regular school backpack, and a cross body purse. I even managed to leave some room to bring back souvenirs and presents!

Well, until July, America. Look out Argentina, here I come.


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