“Go live in a desert”, they said. “It’ll be fun”, they said.

That’s right, I am living in a desert.

“But, Amanda, you keep posting pictures of trees and green things, you can’t be living in a desert.”

Mendoza is a desert. Everything- all of the agriculture, the vineyards, the city, the people- survives off of the Mendoza River, which is, at its closest point, 30 miles away from the city and from runoff water from the snow in the Andes. Mendoza is a man-made oasis. I prefer to think of the founders of Mendoza as terraforming this land into what it is today. So yeah, I’m living in a terraformed desert, at the base of the Andes, in a gorgeous, green city.

“So then why are you complaining, Amanda?”

I am complaining because it is still summer here and the Argentine don’t often use their A/C units, if they have them at all. So it’s hot here. The good news is that it’s headed towards autumn! So, as far as my sweaty, shade seeking, sauna sweltering, sun shy self is concerned, the weather is only going to get better while I’m here!


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