Pesos and Peanut Butter

This post comes to you in the form of lists.

Things I miss about the US:

  • Peanut Butter: yes, Dulce de Leche is yummy, no it is not the same thing as Peanut Butter. I’m sorry I’m a stereotypical American girl who found American Peanut Butter in Chile and bought it for more than she should have. So sue me.
  • Free Water: I mean in restaurants- free, never ending water. This does not exist here. You buy an expensive bottle of water and that is all you get for the whole meal.
  • Not losing water to your building: The water has been cut off at least 3 times since I’ve been here, usually it’s because they need to fix something and it’s only for a few hours, nonetheless I like water. It’s very important. I’m going to support water based charities in the future.
  • My family: Does this really need an explanation. They are cool people. I like being with them; I miss them.
  • My friends: See “My family”
  • My cats: See “My family” and “My friends”
  • Gettysburg: I’ve told you about classes here, they are different. They are not what they are at my beloved College of choice. Never fear, I have adapted, I am fine here, but I’ve also never been so sure that I chose the right school for me when I enrolled at Gettysburg.
  • Lack of Siesta: The fact that the city doesn’t close down for 4-5 hours every afternoon.
  • Giant Department Stores: With reasonable prices and most pieces of clothing in a large variety of sizes and possibly colors. If something like that exists here they prices are so high all of the clothes should come with little masks and guns.
  • Ice Cream: Specifically all of the crazy flavors we have like Mint Moose Tracks, cookies and cream, cookie dough, etc.
  • Brownies: Really dessert in general. My host mom is of the opinion that fruit is dessert. I disagree. Unless the fruit has been baked into a pie, crisp, or cobbler, or is served with chocolate or on ice cream, fruit is not dessert.
  • Cooking: It’s nice to be cooked for, that’s part of my host-mom’s job, but I also like to help, something she doesn’t really let me do, and cook for myself. That being said her food is quite yummy.
  • My own space: I have my own room and my host family is very nice, but I am still a guest in someone’s home, and I try to be very considerate of that fact.

Things I will miss about Argentina:

  • Milanesa*: Think chicken fried beef, chicken, soy, eggplant, etc except better.
  • Fruit: I know, we have fruit in the US too- it’s better here, sweeter, juicier, fresher, and eaten with a view of the Andes. Have I rubbed in my view of the Andes enough yet or should I keep reminding you that I have a view of the Andes?
  • Homemade Pasta*: Some Argentine families have an Asado (Argentine version of a barbecue) every Sunday. My host mom is a vegetarian so instead we have homemade pasta for lunch every Sunday. This is a skill I am determined to learn for it is fun and delicious.
  • Mate*: Oh mate. It is not just the drink that I enjoy, (more or less- it’s an acquired taste and I’m still acquiring it) it’s the whole culture.
  • Being of Age: could also be listed under Fernet or Compari, among others.
  • Plazas and parks: They are beautiful like bits of oasis in a very big city.
  • Siesta: The fact that the city closes down for 4-5 hours every afternoon, everyone goes home and eats lunch together, and then we all take naps.
  • Boutique Shops: They have their perks too, you just have to find the cheap ones.
  • Helado: Means ice cream in spanish (I know, I’m riddled with contradictions). Can you say Dulce de Leche with Brownies flavor? Why is it that of my three favorite Ice Cream flavors, one you can usually get on the east coast (Delani Mint Moose Tracks), one is at least 1000 miles away from my house, in the mid-west (Brahm’s Brownie Batter), and the other will, soon enough, be 5000 miles away from me, across the equator and require a passport to get to (Dulce de Leche with Brownies)?
  • Submarino*: Their version of hot chocolate- a mug of very hot milk served with a small bar of chocolate. You then submerge the chocolate in the milk (hence “submarino”) and stir. It is delicious and fun. I’d like to borrow someone’s small child so I can see if it’s as much fun for them as I think it would be. Any offers?
  • Media Lunas: Don’t tell me they are croissants. They are better and there is a bakery next to my building that sells them for 40 cents.
  • Traveling*: What are almost all of my posts about? I had a long weekend, I got on a bus and went somewhere, had a really good time, and got back just in time to get to class (or go to bed).
  • Lack of Stress: This country is so much more laid back than the US. I have yet to meet someone here who lives to work. This county works only to live. That means this country is less stressed in general- something that trickles all the way down to the students. I enjoy not being so stressed all the time. It also drives me crazy how seeming lazy people here are (they aren’t truly lazy, it would just look like that compared to our culture, the whole culture just functions differently than ours does). I need to strike a balance between the two cultures.
  • Alfajores*: Dulce de leche sandwiched between two lovely cookies and then rolled in coconut (alternatively then bathed in chocolate, but that’s not a good)

*Things I will be continuing to do/make/eat in The States.

There are probably about 1000 other things that I miss about the US and will miss about Argentina, but these are the highlights. I realize that many of these things revolve around food. On this matter I plead the 5th.

Other random factoid of the day for you: I love grocery stores. I’ve always liked to walk around US grocery stores and see what they have there, but foreign grocery stores are so interesting!!! Shout out to my travel partner, Janelle, for putting up with me going into grocery stores for basically no reason (in fairness I do check for peanut butter at each one) every time we travel to a new place!


2 thoughts on “Pesos and Peanut Butter

  1. Ahh, the paradox of overseas living. You’ll always miss something from somewhere. Come to Kansas, I’ll teach you how to make pasta, I pretty much only eat homemade pasta anymore. 🙂


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